Off she went without so much as a ‘goodbye'.


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Off she went without so much as (= without even) a ‘goodbye'.

What does mean 'off' and 'so much as' at here?

😔😔😔 İ can't understand

thank you
  • Keith Bradford

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    Off = away. Off she went = away she went = she went away. (This inversion is common with verbs of movement: here she comes, there they go...)
    Without so much as = without even, as you yourself have said!


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    “Off” is used in meaning 3 here: “in a direction so as to be away from a place”. Off - Dictionary of English
    In English the subject of the sentence usually comes first but some little words such as “off” can move forward.
    ”Without so much as” means “without even”. It is an idiom, so its origins, and its component words, are not particularly helpful for understanding its present meaning.
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    Some prepositions can be fronted like this when we use a verb of motion. There is no subject-verb inversion involved.

    Here they come; off you go; off he ran; up he got; down they fell, etc.