off sick / off on sick leave

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  • The Newt

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    In the US we're more likely to say "out with the flu." B. and C. would also be fine, with the same change to "out." "Out on sick leave" suggests a more formal arrangement in response to an illness.


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    Yes, at my workplace you can take a sick day or be out sick for a day.

    Sick leave would mean a more extended absence. We have short term leave for I think 2 months, and if you are still ill, you transition onto long disability payments from the health insurance providers.


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    Both "off sick" and "off with [name of ailment]" are fine in BE. :)

    I would generally interpret "sick leave" to mean that there was some sort of agreement with the employer and/or payment involved.


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    A person who is off on sick leave has taken a day or shift of leave provided by the employer, as DonnyB says. We don’t know if the person is sick or not.

    A person who is off sick is missing work because he or she is sick. We don’t know whether or not the person is using sick leave.
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