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    I have to translate the website of a software house and I have some difficulties in translating the word "off-site operators".
    These operators are people who work outside the company and through a PDA are provided with information about their activities.

    The sentence I have to translate is the following:
    "It is a software solution with application functions in support of mobile workforces, allowing an exchange of information with off-site operators"

    I tried to translate it as follows:
    "Es ist eine Softwarelösung mit Anwendungsprogrammen zur Unterstützung der beweglichen Arbeitskraft, die den Informationsaustausch mit Außenbedienern ermöglicht"

    But I think that the word "Außenbedienern" does not exist..

    Can anybody help me, please?

    Many thanks!
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    Vielleicht so: ... zur Unterstützung mobiler Arbeitskräfte, die den Informationsaustausch mit externen Anwendern ermöglicht.

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