Off the bar for England [football (soccer)]

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    Because it didn't bounce the crossbar, it bounced off the crossbar.

    Edit - sorry, typed "Because if" when I meant "Because it"
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    The ball hit the crossbar and rebounded from it.

    Bearfreak, you have become lax again about naming the sport you are asking about and the context of your question.

    Those of us who know you are well aware of it, but there are always people new to the forum who will be wondering what on earth you are talking about.
    I bounced the ball. :tick: Balls can be bounced.

    I bounced the crowbar. :cross: :eek: Crossbars can't be be bounced.

    bounce off =hit an object and rebound back off its surface in some new direction

    The object in this scenario: crossbar

    The ball bounced off the crossbar.

    Does that help?
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    I'm wondering what "off" measn here?
    90+3min: Off the bar for England!
    It's typical in this kind of discourse to say "off the bar" instead of "the ball bounced off the bar", because these are concise reports of match events. They're also typical for football commentators. They shout "off the crossbar!", because it echoes the tension of the game in a more direct manner, without being too descriptive.

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