off the plot


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Has anyone heard this expression? Is it similar to "lose the plot"? Sorry, I have no context... Thanks for the help !
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    It's from "Angels Passing" by Graham Hurley, a crime novel set in Portsmouth. It's a very long conversation between cops: "If Finch's off the plot, he'd be all over her." To give context I'd have to type in a couple of pages! Finch is in a flat with a good looking black girl, "pissed out of his head", while other two men(bruisers) who want to shag the girl, call her twice on the phone and want to teach Finch a lesson(beat the shit out of him). Hope this helps.


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    Sounds to me as though off the plot is just a variation of lost the plot.
    Which in itself is a metaphor, an allusion to a writer of stories or plays who has got confused and lost the thread of his story.
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