Off to an early start

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Ruthless butcher

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Hello, everyone. I was watching an episode from the TV show "Person of interest" and at the beginning of one episode one of the main characters says, "You're off to an early start" in response to "Good morning". What does "be off to an early start" mean? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Biffo

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    The phrase "off to" is mentioned in many threads to

    "I am off to work" == "I am leaving for work"

    "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz" == "We are on our way to see the wizard ..."

    "They're off! ---> said by a commentator at a horse-race when the horses start to run.

    "an early start" could refer to starting work or simply starting the day.


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    'To be off to a .... start' means that you are making or have made a start of the kind mentioned.
    Thus 'You are off to a good start' means 'You have made a good start' (to your activity).
    This means you have started the activity well.
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