Offer a bridge

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Portuguese - Brazil

I'm translating a book to portuguese and came to the prhase "Offer a Bridge". I searched the meaning but could only find it in real sentences in different articles, but I would like a clear meaning so that I can make a good translation.

The context was:

"it was this reality to which yogi Tarchin offered a bridge" From the book "Dalai Lama's cat and the art of purring"

If someone could explain it I'd be so grateful!
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    We don’t know who the characters are or what the situation is. You can tell us with a description and up to four sentences of quotation – most likely the three before this sentence. Thanks.


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    Here "a bridge to" (used metaphorically) is "a connection to" or "a way to get to". I may understand more if you show the previous sentences.
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