offer Greece a way back


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The following is from The Economist.

"Till debt do them part

The upshot is that Grexit is a process, not an event. Even if talks fail, even if Greece defaults, even if it introduces capital controls and the government starts to issue paper IOUs because no more euros are left—even then, a referendum or a new government could still offer Greece a way back."

Then, what does the words " ..... could still offer Greece a way back" mean?
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    I read that sentence as referring to a situation where Greece is still just on the brink of leaving, or being forced to leave, the Eurozone. Leaving the EU altogether would be yet another step, so I have to differ from James.

    I think it refers to "a way back to an agreement (or at least to further negotiations)" with the creditor institutions, known as the "Troika".


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    Yeah---A true exit from the EU is not in question, to my knowledge. That would take months of months of legal wrangling.

    I agree with velisarius.

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