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I once heard a friend say that he could offer someone a bed but no hospitality.

I'm pretty sure he meant that he could provide a bed but was going out for meals during that period, and so wouldn't be able to provide any for the potential guest.

I was a little surprised. Is that a conventional use of hospitality?
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    Paid hospitality includes boarding, lodging, entertainment and health. But, if it is a gesture, it may not be that complete and so some or most may be missing.


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    My understanding is the same as sound shift's.

    It seems to me that he was not going to be able do those friendly sociable things that he considered necessary for being "hospitable".

    It is not a use of hospitality that I am familiar with. Unless the person he was speaking to had confidence in the speaker's good intentions, it could sound churlish, as NunT says.
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    Perhaps a bed was all he could offer. By saying no hospitality, he was probably eliminating any possible undesirable requests, such as sth to eat, a TV, a Heater/Cooler,....... Yes it might seem a bit rude but final any way. Take it or leave it.
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