offering an slippery slope

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    I'm sorry for the question which looks incomplete.
    This is one of the questions in the exam.
    The question is as below.

    [It is to seek advantage by attributing to our opponents a weak or indefensible position they don't hold but which resembles their position in some respects. That's called ( ) and it's a common ploy in politics especially.
    1) creating a straw man
    2) giving a person the slip
    3) beating around the bush
    4) offering an slippery slope]

    The answer is 1).
    I understand all the sentences but 4).
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    I don't know of "offering a slippery slope" as a set phrase, but our dictionary has the following definition for slippery slope:
    slippery slope a course of action likely to lead to something bad.​

    You can find examples of the phrase in context by following these instructions: Finding Examples in Context.
    Looking over the examples you find may answer your question. You are also welcome to ask a question about any of those sentences.


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    Slippery slope arguments go along the following lines: actions of a certain type may seem all right, but if we permit them, we will be led to permit further actions of related types, which are not all right; therefore, we shouldn’t permit the first actions.


    I see,
    Slipery slope arguments do claim that we should reject some proposed behaviors or policies because their likely consequences will be bad.

    Actually, I was not sure if slippery slope arguments has same meaning as slippery slope above.
    thank you eni8ma.
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