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In Spain, it seems that the place where you wash the dishes in big kitchens in hotels, called office, is it the same word in English? And the place to wash the pots and pans, is it the "plonge"?

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  • Some professional cooks have told me that they use it in that way and they asked me if they could use the word "office" in English too. Thank you!
    office, is it the same word in English?
    OED, office

    a. In plural (formerly also occasionally in singular). The parts of a house, or buildings attached to a house, specially devoted to household work or service, or to storage, etc.; esp. the kitchen and rooms connected with it, as pantry, scullery, cellars, laundry, etc.; (also) the stables, outhouses, barns, and cowsheds of a farm.

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    the place to wash the pots and pans, is it the "plonge"?
    Check the spelling of this word. It's not in the OED except as a rare and obsolete variant of plunge
    En Argentina se usa, en especial cuando se trata del sitio descripto antes en comercios u oficinas. (Sí, en una oficina puede haber un office). No se usa referido a casas particulares.
    In ordinary US language there is no office in a kitchen and the place you wash the dishes and the pots and pans is called a sink ( or a dishwasher.) There may be restaurant jargon that the rest of us don't know about, however.
    @Aguas Claras links are so valuable, I thought I'd quote from them.

    DLE, office
    Voz fr.

    1. m. Pieza que está aneja a la cocina y en la que se prepara el servicio de mesa.

    Office - Restaurantes y Servicios a la Mesa
    La comunicación entre la cocina y el salón de servicio resulta ideal cuando se respeta un pasillo entre ambos, con suficiente anchura para que sirva de cámara aislante de ruidos y temperatura. A este pasillo se le llama Office.
    Según esta página se llama the pass.

    The pass – a large counter, typically lit by heat lamps, where orders are printed and assigned, and where a head chef inspects (and often tastes) each dish before it’s collected by a waiter. The nerve centre of a kitchen.​

    Actualmente los platos no se lavan a mano, la legislación obliga a usar lavaplatos.

    Un dato más.