Official name of Iceland in Icelandic


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I know that the official name of Iceland in English is the Republic of Iceland, but is the word "republic" a part of the official name of Iceland? I would appreciate if someone could give me the name in Icelandic with a reference to a Government site.
  • Segorian

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    The form Lýðveldið Ísland can be encountered but has no official status.
    That form is encountered even in the Constitution, the title of which is “Stjórnarskrá lýðveldisins Íslands”. Importantly, the word meaning “republic” is lowercased.

    As per several statements issued by the Prime Minister’s Office over the past 25 years or so, the only official name of the country is “Ísland”, and there is no official English name. Prior to that, many assumed that the official name was indeed “Lýðveldið Ísland”, and that the country should therefore be formally referred to in English as “the Republic of Iceland”.

    After some back and forth, it was decided that Iceland should be formally referred to as “Iceland”, including in international treaties and similar documents, but that it was also correct, more generally, to use both “the republic of Iceland” and “the Republic of Iceland”, given that, firstly, the country is a republic and, secondly, in official documents words like ‘Republic’ or ‘Kingdom’ are often written with an initial capital letter even when used only informally to refer to a country.

    As an example of this usage, see this document.