officier sous l'étiquette. de


Hi everbody,

I try to translate :" le photographe qui officie sous l’étiquette de (name of an association)"

I don't think context is needed.

I translated by :"the photographer who officiate under cover of the association..."
Is it correct?

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    To me a photographer does not "officiate" at a wedding, that's the job of the registrar or person with religious authority who pronounces the couple married.

    Here I would say probably "the photographer supplied by x organisation", or "the photographer from x", or even, "the photographer, working on behalf of x", but 12 years later we'll never know what the relationship might have been...

    My context is slightly different, it's about an ex-member of a paramilitary group, "qui a officié comme tueur à gages à travers la région". Basically, he was engaged in "social cleansing", which meant murdering members of guerrilla groups and other people that the paramilitaries regarded as undesirables.

    I think "officié" is slightly ironic, but I'm not sure... Either way, I don't think I can use "officiate" here, even though the paramilitaries dominated the region, but I'd like to get in the idea that this man was doing his work with the approval and sponsorship of the de facto rulers.


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    I would say using contract killer or paid assassin would help you render the idea that someone was behind his actions.

    ...who was hired/used as a contract killer?
    ...who acted/operated as a contract killer?


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    Yes, thanks, but what I'm looking for is a verb with the slightly ironic touch I sense in "officier". The whole setup has already been very clearly described, so it's just the little nuance I'm looking for.

    At the moment I've got, "operated as a hired killer", which is fine, and may be as good a solution as I can find. I've thought of "had the role of hired killer", but it's too clunky, and "served as a hired killer" would be a bit too weird...


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    I think operated is fine, I'm not sure this term is slightly ironic, maybe just more formal and a little more original than engagé. It may also mean that he was hired by several paramilitary groups/people, not receiving his orders from one alone.