offline version of wordreference?


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Hi there,
I'm an American living in Paris and I live and die by wordreference, but even with my iphone don't always have good internet access in rural France. Is there an offline version I can buy as a downloadable app in itunes?
  • Bourrico

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    Sorry for bringing to life an old thread. But is this "offline version" still on the way or has it been forsaken?

    I know that in 2011, there's more and more wifi networks available but I'm going to the australian bush for a 6 months trip and I'd really like to have WR at hand on my computer (including all the forum threads of course).

    I'm not sure how big this would be, since there's no pictures, it should be fairly low on size, (15KB/page maybe?).

    Maybe having specific version would be good (enfr, fren, iten... since users don't need the "whole thing").

    Thank you Mike for all the hard work :)

    Gina Fr.

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    Is there any news on this, by any chance? Even part of the whole thing would be useful!


    Tim Morgan

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    Sorry, we still are online only and have no plans for creating offline versions.
    I find this unfortunate as I'm a teacher and all my students have Ipads. In evaluation situations, they must not be online so as to avoid chaeting. They've been paying over $20, I believe, for a Collins-Robert offline dictionary - the only one I could find. It's not bad but Wordreference is far superior. You guys could surely make profits from this.


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    Nope. The big problem is that people with sufficient technical skill could fairly easily extract all the translations and put up a rival website that draws traffic away from WordReference. That is something that I prefer to avoid.


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    your site is really nice and easy to use. wish you more progress, covering more languages. cheers.