Offload = Dump?

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Hello amigos!

MANCHESTER CITY are ready to offload whizkid Michael Johnson.

Could I replace "offload" for "dump" or even "dispatch"?


  • xqby

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    "Dump" would be fine, if slightly informal. "Dispatch" sounds like they are going to have him assassinated.


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    To me, offload means that the person is going somewhere. It is more than just dumping. If I dump a problem it means that I drop it entirely. If I offload a problem it means that I gave that problem to someone else.

    "Dispatch" could mean "send" to me or, as xqby said, it could mean "kill."

    [edit] I suppose "offload" could be paraphrased as "dump a problem on someone else", but I wouldn't equate it to "dump" by itself.
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