Offre d'emploi / Demande d'emploi

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  1. Analie New Member

    What does it means?

    Offre d'emploi = Job offer
    Demande d'emploi = Job application

    It's right?

    ... Merci d'avance
  2. Aistriúchán Senior Member

    English - Ireland

    or just "application"
  3. Malcius Senior Member

    English - England
    Doesn't an "offre d'emploi" relate more to the initial advertising of a vacancy rather than the "job offer" which is the specific offering of a job to an individual candidate after interviews, etc.?
  4. camille10 Member

    it depends: on an economical point of view, "l'offre" means the number of person looking for a job, and "demand" is the number of open positions.

    BUT, in the every day talk (??? I do not think i can say that...), we use just the opposit. we say "une offre d'emploi" for "a job offer" and "demande d'emploi" for a "job application".

    I would say that if the context is not economical or political, your translation is fine.
  5. camille10 Member

    sorry, I meant "la demande" in my first sentence

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