offre tarifaire étudiée

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I’m trying to translate the phrase ‘offre tarifaire étudiée’ but I’m unsure of exactly what this means. The context is a taxi service website. "Studied rates" doesn't work in English so I'm trying to get a sense of exactly what the "étudié" means to find a better translation. Is it likely to be personalised/ based on a study of the customer's needs?

Thanks in advance :)
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    une offre étudiée sounds like the taxi service took some time and special care to offer what he thinks are its best rates. :)

    Since it doesn't seem to mean "that was reviewed", specially adapted (to your needs) and personalised sound good.

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    Unfortunately the WR dictionary doesn't give this meaning for "étudier", but it's meaning 4 in the Larousse dictionary here. I think the generic phrase in this type of context is "special rates available".
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