offrir un portrait multiple de femmes


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L’histoire de XYZ offre un portrait multiple de femmes qui, de près ou de loin, ont côtoyé le joaillier : membres de la Café Society, riches héritières ou têtes couronnées, créatrices, actrices hollywoodiennes ou grandes figures de la mode, chacune d’entre elles a entretenu un lien particulier avec XYZ .

Been toying with this for too long. The story of XYZ paints a multi-faceted portrait of the women who have rubbed shoulders with the jeweller in one way or another: whether members of Café Society, rich heiresses or royalty, artists, Hollywood actresses and great fashion icons, each has their own particular connection to XYZ???

Anything less clunky? Perhaps "the story of XYZ evokes the myriad women who..."?
  • Michelvar

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    The french sentence definitely means "evokes the various women who....".

    "Multiple" means they where numerous, but emphasize in a positive way that every one of them was different.
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