Oh, never more could it turn to him; for faith was blighted—confidence destroyed


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The quotation comes from Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre (Chap. 26) | Genius

Quotation: I looked at my love: that feeling which was my master’s—which he had created; it shivered in my heart, like a suffering child in a cold cradle; sickness and anguish had seized it; it could not seek Mr. Rochester’s arms—it could not derive warmth from his breast. Oh, never more could it turn to him; for faith was blighted—confidence destroyed! Mr. Rochester was not to me what he had been; for he was not what I had thought him.

Context: Jane had known her bridegroom, Mr. R, was married.
Hi everyone! I don’t quite understand the bold part. I try to interpret it as below. Is it correct?

To turn to => 28. e.V.28.e To resort, betake oneself, have recourse to (a person, etc.); to appeal to for help or support.

Faith => 2 (2) : complete trust (from M-W dictionary)

The sentence => Oh, it (= the suffering child) could not appeal to Mr. R for help; for (=because) my trust (in love, Mr. R, etc) was blighted – my confidence (in love, Mr. R, etc.) was destroyed.
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    Yes, exactly.

    This sentence is even more complicated because Jane compares her love for Mr. R to a child. She speaks her feelings as though they were a separate living thing. Then she says "Nevermore could it turn to him..." instead of "Nevermore could I turn to him" which is what we would expect.

    Still, you are understanding this correctly. Jane is really going out of her way to be fair to Mr. R here.


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