ohayo, ohayo gozaimasu

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    First of all, the Japanese in your question is wrong. I can tell that you are trying to say: "Tell me when to say 'o-hayou' and when I need 'o-hayou gozaimasu'," but it is VERY wrong. By the way, you don't have the Japanese for "hi" written there, you have the Japanese for "Hawaii."

    As to the choice of "o-hayou" vs. "o-hayou gozaimasu," the only difference is in the level of formality. "o-hayou" would be more likely to be used around those who are of roughly equal status, family members, etc. You probably would use "o-hayou gozaimasu" in most other situations.


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    Hello junandlight,

    Since you are still learning, it is advisable to stick to "ohayou gozaimasu" to avoid being rude to other people. As you learn more Japanese you will be able to use both in the appropiate situations without any problems.

    Good luck!


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    but I know alot of japanese meaning
    but the problem is i cant write japanese
    i'll learn by my friends who come to my home.
    Well, if you have Japanese friends that come over to your house I would recommend you to learn Japanese writing, reading, etc. But by yourself, maybe with the Japanese resources listed in the stickies in this forum. You could become very good at a very young age. :D

    Also, if you want to ask a question in this forum, it is way easier for us to help you if you know how to write the words properly.

    There is also a rule about asking only one question per thread. So if you want to talk about gozaimasu, you need to have a specific question and open a new thread.

    Good luck.
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