ohne sie eigentlich genau zu scheiden (Kafka)


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Below is a sentence I met with in Verwandlung: "Er fühlte sich wieder einbezogen in den menschlichen Kreis un erhoffte von beiden, vom Arzt und vom Schlosser, ohne sie eigentlich genau zu scheiden, großartige und überraschende Leistung."

I'm puzzled with the bold part. My translation is " without actually departing from them (docter and locksmith)". But it seems to be at odds with the context from my perspective. Could anyone give me a right translation of it?

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    Thanks, Xiahou. Are you sure it doesn't read "unterscheiden"?

    Anyway, that will help native speakers.


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    In a translation by Stanley Appelbaum (Kafka: Short Stories, Dual-Language Books) I found:
    ...without really differentiating much between them...
    which confirms Holger's, perpend's - and my - interpretation (scheiden = unterscheiden).
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