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    What does oikoa mean in the context of driving an automobile? I saw it in this context (from today's Uusi Suomi):

    "Passing, accelerating, tailgating and [?] at turns become more frequent when drivers go past the speed limit, the Mobile Police remind motorists."

    (I'm also not sure if "tailgating" is exactly the right translation for lähellä ajaminen. "tailgating" means driving too closely to another car, potentially preventing the other driver from maneuvering properly in an emergency -- is that what lähellä ajaminen means in this context?)

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  2. Hakro

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    "Tailgating" is exactly the correct translation.

    I couldn't find the right term for "oikominen kaarteissa" but means driving over the inside edge in a curve, like this rally car. For an inexperienced driver it can be very dangerous.
  3. Määränpää

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    I thought it meant driving over the inside edge of your own lane (not necessarily the entire road) in a curve.
  4. Hakro

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    Of course it can mean that, too, but lately there has been discussion about driving over the edge of the road.

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