1. Sarsourt New Member

    Hola, can you help me translate ojitos please?:) gracias
    "con esos ojitos lindos"
  2. silvicrima

    silvicrima Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    I would translate it as:


    Literally, in Spanish, when you add -ITO at the end of a word you are making it into a diminutive. In this case, though, I wouldn't translate OJITOS into LITTLE EYES, because it is meant as a cute thing. It doesn't mean the eyes are actually little, and I get the feeling it could be interpreted like that in English.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. English is not my first language!

  3. La_Nereida Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Español - Inglés

    Yo no lo traduciría así, porque si de hecho es un/a pequeña/o niña/o el poseedor de los ojos o si el autor considera importante el hecho de que sean pequeños, por cualquier circunstancia no debe ser omitido, porque está, de alguna manera , cambiando el mensaje original.

    Lo traduciría como : " with those pretty little eyes"


    La NeReIdA
  4. silvicrima

    silvicrima Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain

    I forgot to tell you OJITOS does not imply PRETTY. In a kind of romantic, so to speak, context it is understood that they are PRETTY, so you can choose this word in case you want to omit LITTLE. I think the context you are talking about is kind of romantic, right?
  5. el_empollon Senior Member

    Vancouver, Canada
    Spain Spanish/English
    I think it can actually go both ways. To me, whether we put little in there or not doesn't change the implied meaning, because in this context saying "little" doesn't mean that his/her eyes are literally little. "Little" in some contexts in English as well can be used as a term of affection.

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