OK = good? acceptable?


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I just wonder what means when something is OK
is it just that it is not bad?
or is it just acceptable?
or is it the same as good?

or just nothing special but it is not bad either

  • pincesa

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    I guess I'd say sth is OK to say that it's not bad ... and if it isn't bad it's acceptable ... It's more or less the same ...



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    I think it depends on the context.

    If someone asks how you are and you say OK then it means fine.

    If someone asks you if you need help you can say I am OK to mean I am fine and I don't need help.

    If it is an assignment in the class and the teacher says your paper was OK it means mediocre.

    If someone asks how your hamburger is and you say OK it means mediocre.
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