Ok, then I will teach you after 16 January whenever you.....

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I myself have made up a dialogue between me and my friend. But I have some doubts on the red part.
Is the red part written naturally? Does it make good sense to you? If not, then how should I say it?
Thank you.

My friend: Why don't you teach me these days?
Me: I'm busy studying for my exam these days. They will be over on 16 January. So, I will teach you on 16 January.
My friend: No, on that time (16 January) I may have some guests and not be able to attend the class.
Me: Ok, then I will teach you after 16 January whenever you like.
My friend: Ok thanks. Maybe 17 January.
Me: Ok no problem. See you then (17 January)
My friend: Ok bye.
Me: Bye.

Thank you so much
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    F: Why haven't you been teaching me lately?
    M: I've been busy studying for my exams. They're over on the 16th of January so I'll be able to give you a lesson then, on the 16th.
    F: I can't make the 16th. I think I have some guests on that day, so I would't be able to make it then.
    M: No problem. Just tell me a convenient day after the 16th.
    F: Thanks. The 17th is looking good at the moment.
    M: OK. See you on the 17th, then.
    F: Thanks. Bye, (name).
    M: Bye, (name).
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