1. Larry B Member

    Turkey , Turkish

    Which one is correct ?

    - It's ok for me

    - It's ok with me

  2. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    second one "It's ok with me"
  3. Perdido Senior Member

    It depends. "It's OK with me" is general, but there are situations where you would use "It's OK for me." For example:

    "Does that coat fit you?
    "It's OK for me, but it will be too small for my brother."

    It's hard to explain the distinction (help, anyone?) because the difference is very subtle.
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    Both are correct, but as Perdido says, it depends on the intent and what you are trying to say.

    It's OK with me = Está bien conmigo. Estoy de acuerdo.
    It's OK for me = Está bien para mí. Si es para mí, está bien.
    It's OK on me = Está bien en mí. Se ve bien puesto en mí.
    Y luego sigo con casi todas las preposiciones, porque se puede combinar cualquier preposición con OK y sale bien... pero depende en lo que quieras decir.

  5. Skindiver Senior Member

    Salta, ARGENTINA
    Español - CUBA
    Hi Larry B:

    Agreed with Perdido and fenixpollo, it depends on the context. As they posted the examples.

  6. galesa Senior Member

    english wales
    I've only ever heard: "It's ok with me" and "It's ok by me"
  7. Perdido Senior Member

    De acuerdo con fenixpollo. Hay un montón de usos con casi todas las preposiciones:

    Have you seen the request I sent up for approval last week?
    It's OK thru me, but I'm not sure my boss is going to approve it.

    To me, it's OK to drink red wine with chicken.
    It's OK to me, too, but my wife thinks it's a sin.

    How does your new suit look?
    It's OK on me, but I'm not sure I like it enough to keep it.

    Is it OK if I park here?
    It's OK by me.

    Etcetera, etcetera...
  8. sugar2010

    sugar2010 New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Muy bien explicado, muchas gracias

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