Okinawan Sweet Potato

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    I guess 我去拿碗Sweet Potato (Wo Qu Na Wan Sweet Potato)
    I will get a bowl of sweet potato.
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    What is "Okinawan Sweet Potato" in Chinese
    My mom calls it 番薯芋 (she pronounces it in 闽南语: "han zi or"), this name refers to the Okinawan Sweet Potato's likeness to the purple yam.
    When she talks about it in Mandarin, she calls it 日本番薯。

    I wonder what other names it has in other places outside of Singapore. :)

    The Chinese Wikipedia mentioned "紫心番薯". Baidu says "紫心番薯" is commonly found in Guangdong. Since one of the major characteristic of Okinawan sweet potato is its purple flesh, I wonder whether 紫心番薯 is Okinawan sweet potato, or whether it refers to another kind of purple flesh sweet potato.
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