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    I've found such a caption under a picture on Wikipedia:
    I generally get the sense: "Dated to 10.000 years before Christ, cave painting which alleged to could have been made to represent alien visitors."
    However, while translating this, a grammatical question arose in my head :D I wonder, why there is olabileceği used, which is a future participle. Whereas, the whole construction refers to the past: it was made... Can't we use any of the past participles along with -abil-?
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    You most certainly can.
    Here is one Past Indirect (Inferential) Participle example (with the suffix mış/-miş/-muş/-müş)
    "Daha önce bu hastalıktan kurtulabilmiş bir hasta yok."

    And here are two examples using Past Direct Participle ( with the suffix -dik/-tik/-dık/-tık/-duk/-tuk/-dük/-tük)
    "Koyabildiği kadar bilyeyi cebine koydu.", "Yapabildiği sorular çok azdı."

    You can also use potential mood participle with -en -an (or either -yan or -yen after vowels)
    to give similar effect (with the first example above) such as:
    "Daha önce bu hastalıktan kurtulan bir hasta yok."

    PS: My translation for the captions would be:
    "(The) cave paintings,(which are) dated to 10000BC and alleged to represent alien visitors."
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    I am thinking that we use the future tense -- in the sense of future in the past -- because we are not exactly sure whether or not what we are suggesting matches with what actually happened.

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