Old Betsy came through for him

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Beach got his Chevy pickup to a creaky sixty-five –as fast as it would go. One of the few things he hadn’t gotten around to overhauling with his fantastic new knowledge was the old bomber. But he hoped it would get him as far as he needed to go tonight, and Old Betsy came through for him again.
Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

In this scene Beach Jernigan, the shortorder cook from the town diner (Haven Lunch) is driving to the neighbouring town Troy.

What does the bolded expression mean? The only reference to Old Betsy is further later in the novel: He got in and started Betsy’s motor. Could Old Betsy be a cordial name for the Chevy? Could the bolded expression mean: the Chevy did not let him down? I am wild guessing.

Thank you.
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