Old English: Edwylm

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Hello everybody, I was wondering if any of you knows what this word means? I found the translation is surging fire but in some dictionaries it doesn't show up at all. Thanks in advance.
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    The Bosworth and Toller dictionary defines the word as ‘the heat of fire’ or ‘burning fire’, (‘flammæ æstuatio’).


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    In J.R. Clark Hall’s Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary it says it means “whirlpool of fire”. You can look at the dictionary entry on Google Books :)


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    I found the translation is surging fire
    wylm is a variant of wilm, welm, wælm = surging, boiling water or other liquid. See ME walm, welm; lemma walm in the MED. Possibly related to well and German Quelle., related to the verbs quellen and wallen. A derived word with the -m suffix is German Qualm = thick smoke.

    ed is a variant of ad = funeral pyre; here simply meaning fire. Also survived into ME; see lemma ad in the MED.

    Hence, the translation surging fire.
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