Old English: Ondranc


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Hey all,
I need to translate an Old English text into Present-Day English. I'm a German native speaker and I'm stuck with the following words. Does anybody mind helping me with the translation of the following words?
Thank you so much.

I might be recognize the categories of the following words:

Noun or adjective: Ondranc.
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    My Old English is not great, but I'll give it a shot:

    Ondranc = preterite of on-drincan (verb)? I have no idea what that may mean (antrinken?).

    It might help further to post some parts of the text to place these words in context.
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    Ondranc just "drank" , as with ondraedan/ adraedan for "dread" the prefix doesn't carry much if any meaning (like the dialectal "a-drinking" in modern English).
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