old motherhood and apple pie treatment


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What does"old motherhood and apple pie treatment"imply exactly?
Too often, companies resort to sloganeering on this point. They give best practices the old motherhood and apple pie treatmentBest practices are good, they say, we believe in best practices, and so on. Of course, this kind of generic cheerleading results in….nothing.
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    I think they mean that when politicians haev nothing to say that fall back on set catchphrases as "I believe in .... (insert a traditional value here)...." and in America the most referred to traditional value is respect for your mother and for her apple pie - ("No-one else makes a pie like 'my' mother's!"). These things have been said so often that they have become meaningless as the people have seen that they are used by people who don't actually believe in them.
    The companies are saying "We believe in 'best practice' and .... " - but they
    don't. The slogans are empty.

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    From AH Dictionary, quoting Ronald Brownstein: “Family, neighborhood, community are apple pie virtues, unassailable and unavoidable in political rhetoric”
    Very good description!

    Ideals which are regarded as distinctively American. Often "Mom and apple pie".