older cousin-sister

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  1. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    I'm not sure to understand that relationship :

    "I'm her older cousin-sister."

    Je suis sa cousine aînée (ce qui ne se dit pas en français…)
  2. Shayla_4Ever New Member

    "cousin-sister"is used in India or Pakistan as a way of saying "A female first cousin" or "une cousine." It is to differentiate the gender of the cousin.
    In the Western world they would just say "I am her older cousin"
    C'est une autre variante dire "cousin". Sa cousine est plus âgé qu'elle.
  3. Quantz

    Quantz Senior Member

    Thank you. Yes, I know this is an usage in some Asian countries, I simply wasn't sure about the "older" part.
  4. Novanas Senior Member

    English AE/Ireland
    Yes, "older" would mean "aînée". But I don't think "older" would generally be used in conjunction with "cousin" in English, either. With "brother/sister", yes, but I don't know that I've ever heard it used with "cousin".

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