oltre alla componentistica da incasso per rubinetteria


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I am translating a letter of invitation to visit the company'stand at an exhibition, can anyone please suggest wich of the double options underlined sound right?

Text in Italian:
Nell’occasione, oltre alla componentistica da incasso per rubinetteria ed alla nostra numerosa e varia gamma di deviatori ceramici adatta ad ogni tipo di esigenza, presenteremo anche i nuovi articoli realizzati in Ecobrass conforme alle normative californiane AB1953.

My try into English:
On the occasion, together with / besides the concealed taps and fittings components and our wide and variegated range of ceramic diverters that meet / suitable for any customer needs, we will present the new items made of EcoBrass, complying with the new Californian AB1953 law.

Thank you very much for your help
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    On the occasion, in addition to the concealed.........................suitable for / fitting every customers need, we will............

    But let's wait for native's suggestions.
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