omae wa kichigai de saitei da


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omae wa kichigai de saitei da: Please include your question in the post itself (Flaminius).

What does this mean? Someone said it to me in an IM. I'd attempt a translation but I have absolutely no knowledge of Japanese.

  • Flaminius

    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    It means, "You are crazy and terrible."

    omae-wa: derogatory you + topic marker (you are)
    kichigai-de: crazy + beAnd (are crazy and)
    saitei-da: worst + be (are worst).


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    français Clodoaldien
    Another variation could be : "you're nuts and obnoxious" (nothing nice, to be frank).
    Barely nothing to add to Flam breaking down explanation. Just a wee little thing : saitei literally means "the lowest (worst)", it has originally a very strong meaning, but young people use it now quite often,as "terrible, bad, troublesome", not as strong as it sounds.