Omani Arabic: تعايتبك

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In a Reddit thread asking for interesting foreign-language phrases and concepts, a user answered with تعايتبك, apparently meaning "your actions/what you said [led] me to be confused on your intention". It was explained as being a word in Omani Arabic and transliterated (loosely...) as "tayeetbak", and it's apparently unrelated to عتاب.

What does it break down into? The best interpretation I've got is تعايت (some sort of first-person past verb) followed by بَك meaning بِكَ, but I don't know what تعايت alone could be. And what does the whole word look like in a sentence, if applicable?
  • malmerri

    Khaleeji (Gulf) Arabic

    عايب measure IV, تعايبتك now the ت و ك refers to انا انت
    However, I am trying to figure out the addition of t so I can explain it. I do know that in some dialects they tend to add extra letters/sound when conjugation.

    if it was تعايت it would be تعايتك , but it won't really make sense, it could be used as in تعايت معاه which means I argued with him!

    Hope this clears things out.
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