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I watched a Greek cooking programme. The host is a Greek. When she saw someone dancing, she said something like 'omba'. I think it is Greek. Are there any word in Greek which has a similar pronunciation? What is the meaning? Thank you.

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    Did he perhaps say "opa!"?

    I am willing to bet that's what he said (especially if we are talking about a rather fat and cheerful short guy with a huge moustache!)

    "Opa" ( Όπα) is an exclamation used in the following situations:

    1. when someone makes a sudden and abrupt move
    2. when said in a commanding tone, to order someone to stop
    3. to show surprise
    4 during traditional (usually) dances, in order to show that someone is having a good time, enjoys what he/she sees/does

    Sometimes the pronunciation of "opa" is not all that clear (o + p + a). It can come out as "oooo pa" or "o pppa" etc which would acount for your hearing "omba"
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