omission of period in title and middle initial

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I've learned that one style of writing is omission of period after abbreviated forms of titles:

Mr John Smith
Mrs Mary Smith
Ms Mary Smith

Applying this rule, I wrote something like this: Mr George W Bush

I also omitted the period in the middle initial to be consistent, but someone corrected me and added the dot after the middle initial: Mr George W. Bush

So, if that person is correct, then I should only omit the periods on the titles and not the middle initials. Do you agree?
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    In the US, we include periods after both titles and initials.

    I believe that current UK style is to omit them after titles, but I'm not sure about initials; wait for a response from someone in the UK.


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    A brief Google reveals that we sometimes do, and sometimes don't put a full stop (period) after an initial. Richard E. Grant appears to do so, whereas, Harry H Corbett appears to go both ways. P J Harvey doesn't have periods.

    The Guardian newspaper's style guide is clear about what it thinks: "initials: no spaces or points, whether businesses or individuals, eg WH Smith, AJ Strauss". (Notice no points in 'eg' here either).

    W H Smith (one of the UK's biggest retailers) doesn't use points in its name.

    So, I think my advice would be to choose a format and stick to it.


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    I would just add: If you're writing something that's to be published, ask the editor of the publication what he or she wants you to do. Whatever general practice a country may observe (as to punctuation, spelling, and so on), many newspapers, magazines, journals, and book publishers have their own rules.
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