omnipresent electrical wires?

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This author was in Negev Desert.

<There is the omnipresent electrical wires with weired orange balls on them to keep planes from flying into them.>

What is this??? In the Desert, there is airplanes???
I don't get slightest picture of it.
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    "Omnipresent" means something that is always present. Because the entire world relies so much on electricity, there are poles with electrical wires, even in the desert. Since airplanes do, indeed, fly over deserts, orange balls are attached to the wires so that the pilots can see them and not fly into them.


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    We see those same balls in the USA in straight sections of multi-lane highways with no other obstructions ahead.

    A small plane that has engine trouble might be inclined to set down on those straight sections and they are not likely to see the electrical wires if the "weird plastic balls" were not attached.
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