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Allegro molto

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He heard her singing as she rode past him on a bicycle.
(from Kings Of Tomorrow featuring April - Take Me Back, a website)

Who is the person astride a bicycle?

I suppose it is he.

Thank you
  • Allegro molto

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    Hello, Copyright
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Please let me ask you a related question, and introduce a new sentence.

    I passed him on his bicycle = I overtook him.
    (from Harrap’s)

    If I change the "his" to "my" or "a", that is, I passed him on my bicycle or I passed him on a bicycle, does the meaning change or not?
    my bicycle ….. I just happened to lend him my bicycle.


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    American English
    The "on his bicycle" is ambiguous in the first place. In fact, my initial reaction would be that "I passed him on his bicycle" means "I was riding his bicycle, and I passed him." The other two, to me, even more strongly imply that I am the one on the bicycle.
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