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Hello everyone!

From The Girl On The Train novel:
" I spent all day in my bedroom, waiting for Cathy to go out so that I could have a drink. She
didn’t. She sat steadfast and unmovable in the living room, (“just catching up on a bit of
”)By late afternoon I couldn’t stand the confinement or the boredom any longer, so I
told her I was going out for a walk."

What the meaning of the red phrase between the brackets?

Thanks a lot!
  • Jimbob_Disco

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    British English
    Presumably, she was ‘just getting some administrative tasks done that she’d meant to do previously, but hadn’t had the time for’.


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    English - England
    "to catch up" here means to get up-to-date

    "to catch up on X" means to get up-to-date with X

    "admin" refers to administrative paperwork or tasks

    “just catching up on a bit of admin.” = "I'm just getting up to date with my administrative paperwork"
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