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Peruvian, Español
I am translating the following paragraph into spanish:

"Often I don’t have the time to get all the important vitamins and minerals every day because of my stressful life and often nutrient poor diet. I want to in a convenient way support my body’s need for specific vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to stay naturally beautiful and healthy."
My try is:

A menudo, no tengo tiempo de tomar todas las vitaminas y minerales importantes diariamente debido a mi vida estresante y a la frecuente dieta pobre en nutrición. Quiero apoyar, de una manera oportuna, las necesidades de mi cuero de vitaminas y minerales específicos en una rutina diaria para permanecer de forma natural hermosa y saludable.

I understand that on a daily basis is "en una base diaria" but considering this context I think that "una rutina diaria" could be more appropriate.

Does any one know another translation for this term?

Thanks for your help.
  • mora

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    "Daily basis' is correct, but it is very poor style. Do not try and translate it exactly, use 'una rutina diaria'.


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