on a late fall night

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Hi all,

>>Your friendship is more in the spirit of a warm, friendly fireplace on a late fall night: the essence of happy comradeship. <<

here, on a late fall night, is it trying to convey a sense of sthg. that resembles a sphere like:

1) late in the night in the fall (what I suppose it means)
2) on a night, late in the fall (advanced autumn)

I suddenly am struck by doubt. Having to translate this, I would chose for option 1. Is it correct?

Thanks for your help. Lara
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    To me, "late fall" goes together here, not "late night", but I agree it is ambiguous. I opt for "late fall" because late fall is often the first weather cold enough to make a fire really welcome.


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    There was a young fellow called Hall,
    Who fell in the spring in the fall;
    'Twoud have been a sad thing,
    Had he died in the spring,
    But he didn't, he died in the fall.
    (Anonymous, I've got it from a friend)

    Actually, I'm with the others. I like option 2 :D

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