on a murderous hunt for

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  1. bbdrummer Senior Member

    UK- English
    I'm having problems translating the above sentence into French.
    I would guess;
    à la chasse meurtrière de
    dans une chasse meutriere/assassine?

  2. sunelav Senior Member

    Please, could you quote the entire sentence ? :)
  3. bbdrummer Senior Member

    UK- English
    'they rampaged through the street on a murderous hunt for protestants'
  4. sunelav Senior Member

    It is quite tricky !

    Does it mean that some people (the hunters) were in the streets and broke everything while hunting for protestants ?

    In this case, I would propose depending on the context :

    "Ils saccagèrent tout sur leur passage lors d'une chasse meutrière aux protestants"... (It happened only once)
    "Ils saccageaient tout sur leur passage lors de chasses meutrières aux protestants"... (It happened several times)

    I agree it is not perfect but I hope it helps ! :)
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  5. bbdrummer Senior Member

    UK- English
    OK thankyou. Can I ask, why is meurtrieres in the plural? I would have thought it would have agreed with chasse?Or is it agreeing with the protestants here?
  6. sunelav Senior Member

    Sorry I made a mistake : I have just changed it ! :)

    Please, notice that I also posted an other proposal that might be better depending on the context.
  7. bbdrummer Senior Member

    UK- English
    Ah ok, thankyou for your help!
  8. akaAJ Senior Member

    New York
    American English, Yiddish
    In my opinion "rampaged" does not particularly imply "saccager tout" but simply wants to emphasize their violence, rage, and above all, wantonness, in pursuit of Protestants: ils couraient les rues sur leur chasse meurtrière aux protestants. It is of course possible that their attitude was "kill first, ask questions later", and that they stove in doors, wrecked apartments (i. e., ont saccagé). "They rampaged through the streets, killing all in their path on their murderous hunt for Protestants" Maybe, "Ils ont ravagé tout ce qui tombait sous leurs mains, avec une rage meurtrière, pendant leur(s) poursuite(s) de protestants dans les rues."

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