on a pebble level


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Hello everyone,

I've come across this phrase in AE in a context that has nothing to do with pebbles so I suppose it must be a set phrase although not a common one since I can't find it anywhere.


"The man was approaching menacingly and he understood on a pebble level that he was going to kill him."

Does it ring any bell?
Thank you all.
  • Driven

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    I've never heard that phrase before but I think it means on a level that even a pebble would understand. A very basic level.


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    It does sound strange, nadanada, though Driven's explanation is plausible - and ingenious:)

    Could it be a misprint?

    Who wrote this?


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    Hello, Loob,

    It's not a misprint, maybe it's just a more creative person or maybe a translation from another language.
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