1. pimentera Member

    Spain Spanish
    Hello everybody,

    Could you help me with this sentences? What's the meaning of 'on a weekly basis'?

    Until today, we used to check the delivery follow up in the system, on a weekly basis, in order to organize a shipment for each customer.

    Thank you in advance,
  2. daniel.uy

    daniel.uy Senior Member

    Rocha, Uruguay
    Rio de la Plata Spanish
    You should have a try yourself first, according to the forum rules!
    On a weekly basis= semanalmente
  3. Lori15 Senior Member

    English, England
    they check the delivery once a week - every week
    comproba la entrga una vez por semana - cada semana

    Please correct my Spanish
  4. pimentera Member

    Spain Spanish
    Sorry Daniel, I didn't find it at the forum

    'comproba la entrga una vez por semana - cada semana'
    comprobar la entrega una vez por semana - cada semana=todas las semanas

    Thank you!

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