on a wink and a prayer

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  1. Humboldt Senior Member

    hello everyone,

    Here is the title of an article: "X and Y went back together on a wink and a prayer".
    How would you translate it in French??
    X and Y se sont remis ensemble...
  2. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    Isn't it "on a wing and a prayer"?
  3. carog Senior Member

    England - Hampshire
    French - France
    It seems to be a play on words as the proper phrase I think is "on a wing and a prayer" and means "in poor condition but just about to get the job done". The wink (if I have the story right) refers to a winking emoticon used on twitter to announce that X and Y were getting back together. As for a translation......
  4. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english
    tant bien que mal???

    Je ne sais pas comment le dire en français - l'origine vient du 2ème guerre mondial quand les avions retournaient "on a wing and a prayer" (avec une aile et une prière).

    It is often used to describe a job completed, however badly..
  5. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    simple suggestion:
    tant bien que mal
  6. wildeline

    wildeline Senior Member

    Alors ma proposition :( :
    X et Y se sont remis ensemble vite fait, mal fait ???

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