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Can "on account of" and "because of" be followed by positive statements?

Ex: So many people were saved on account of / because of the firefighters.

Is "thanks to" more appropriate?

So many people were saved thanks to the firefighters.

  • Keith Bradford

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    On account of doesn't seem right here - it suggests an external factor (the weather, an accident of geography...)

    Because of is also wrong - it suggests a motivation (e.g. because of their quick reactions).

    Thanks to seems ideal - after all, firefighters are precisely the sort of people who deserve thanks.


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    So many people were saved, thanks to the firefighters.:thumbsup:
    "On account of" and "because of" don't work because it suggests that the people were saved that the firefighters provided a reason for saving them, rather than performing the act of saving them. You could say ". . . due to the fast action of the firefighters."
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