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    So I'm trying to emphasize in a polite, semi-formal way: On another note... but just looking for a way to transition from another idea in the letter I have written.

    On another note, as I am currently working a lot, it seems like it will be difficult to come to your office before I leave for New York (for 3 weeks)..

    Sinon, comme je travaille beaucoup en ce moment, il me semble que ça va être difficile de me deplacer à votre bureau avant mon départ à New York mardi prochain (pour une durée de 3 semaines).

    Thanks again!!!
  2. johnp

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  3. Fryegirl4 Member

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    The thread mentioned concerns "on a lighter note" which implies that the change in subject goes from something professional to something personal or less serious. However, I too am interested in a translation of "on another note" when going from two 'equally heavy' subjects.

    For example, I spent the first half of an email discussing a meeting and would like to change the subject to a budget. This is not a "lighter" note but rather just a different one.

    What is a professional way to indicate a subject change in an email?

    My try: "Au sujet de quelque chose de different..." or "A propos d'un autre sujet"
  4. Pohoda Senior Member

    "Sinon" as you suggest is also good, in a short semi-formal way
  5. Quaeitur

    Quaeitur Mod'elle

    Lille, France
    In French one can use the adverb Sinon in the same way. It means otherwise in this instance.
  6. Skbest Senior Member

    I would propose: "Quant à la question du budget....."

    ou tout simplement: "A propos du budget" (with an "à" in small letter)
  7. darkradish New Member

    "Par ailleurs" can be useful too in a professional context, if one needs a more formal word than "sinon". Example: "Par ailleurs, il va m'être difficile de me rendre à votre bureau avant mon départ pour New York.".
  8. Itisi

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    Or: d'autre part

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