On/at a lunch break

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Hello everyone, hope you're having a pleasant day/evening.
So here's my sentence:
I'll be on a lunch break at around 2 pm.
Here's context:
Speaker 1 said: "Can we talk in around 40 minutes? If you're free then."
Speaker 2 answered: "I'll be on a lunch break at around 2 pm."
Does the second speaker's answer sound natural? Or is it better to make a "on" into a "at"? So confusing.
Thank you!
  • lingobingo

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    No, it doesn’t sound natural – mainly because you’ve used both at and around, which on their own would mean different things. (And because in BE we’d normally say “I’m on my lunch break”, as Hermione says.)


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    Is 2pm about 40 minutes away?
    Is the second person suggesting that he can meet on his lunch break or that he can't meet then because he's eating lunch then?
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